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Draft full papers for the conference proceeding are solicited.

In order to prepare your draft full paper contribution, please follow the instructions of the file parco_paper_guidelines.pdf. The latex style to use in your document source is the parco2005.sty that can be tested with the parco_paper_guidelines.tex latex file.

Paper size limits:

Please note that papers with more pages than the limit will not be included in the proceeding.

Remember that the deadline to submit the draft full paper contribution is 31 July 2005.

Submission Closed

Contributed papers

Authors of contributed papers, who were notified by the Program Committee Chairs that their paper was accepted, should note that this acceptance pertains to the right to present the paper during the ParCo2005 conference. Presentation of a paper does not automatically imply acceptance of the paper for publication in the conference proceedings.

In order for papers to be accepted for publication in the proceedings, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The paper must be presented by one of the authors, who has registered as a delegate.
  2. The presented paper will be reviewed and the author(s) is(are) required to adapt the paper according to the recommendations made by the reviewers.
  3. The paper must be formatted according to the ParCo LaTeX style sheet parco2005.sty.
  4. A draft version of the paper, maximum of 8 pages, must be submitted to the Conference Office in electronic form by 31 July 2005.
  5. The final corrected version of the paper must be a maximum of 8 pages submitted to the Conference Office in electronic form by 15 October 2005.


Participants in Mini-Symposia may also have their papers published in the conference proceedings. This will be arranged by the respective organisers. The organisers shall be responsible for the reviewing of the papers. The same conditions with respect to style, length and dates as for contributed papers apply.
last update: 24 June 2005