ParCo 2005

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Preliminary Conference Program
  Monday, 12 September 2005
16:00-18:00 Registration
17:00-18:30 Welcoming Reception
  Tuesday, 13 September 2005
9:00-9:30 Registration
9:30-10:00 Opening Session
Chair: G. Joubert
10:00-11:00 Invited Talk (Auditorium)
10:00 Computational Phenotyping and High End Computing
Joel H. Saltz. Ohio State Univ., USA
Chair: O. Plata
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
  Session 1
  Track A1
(Room 3.0.3)
Track B1
(Room 3.0.4)
Track C1
(Room 3.0.5)
Mini-Symposium M1
(Room 3.0.6)
Mini-Symposium N1
11:30-13:00 A1: Grid Computing I
Chair: O. Kao
B1: Performance Evaluation & Analysis I
Chair: A. Malony
C1: Algorithms I
Chair: J.R. Sack
M1: Algorithmic Skeletons I
Organizer: H. Kuchen
N1: Processor Architectures I
Organizers: F. Baetke, J. González
11:30 A Paradigm for Allocating Parallel Application Tasks to Heterogeneous Computing Resources on the Grid
B. Arafeh, K. Day, A. Touzene
Sultan Qaboos Univ., Oman
Performance Analysis of Parallel Applications with KappaPI 2
J. Jorba, T. Margalef, E. Luque
Univ. Autónoma of Barcelona, Spain
A Parallel Variant of the Gram-Schmidt Process with Reorthogonalization
V. Hernández, J.E. Román, A. Tomás
Technical Univ. of Valencia, Spain
Integrating MPI-Skeletons with Web Services
J. Dünnweber, A. Benoit, M. Cole, S. Gorlatch
Univ. of Münster, Germany
The Univ. of Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)
AMD Processor Strategy for High Performance Computing
A. Ruiz
AMD, Spain
12:00 Science Experimental Grid Laboratory (SEGL) Dynamic Parameter Study in Distributed Systems
N. Currle-Linde, U. Küster, M.M. Resch, B. Risio
High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, Germany
A Comparative Evaluation of Two Techniques for Predicting the Performance of Dynamic Enterprise Systems
D. Bacigalupo, S. Jarvis, L. He, D. Spooner, D. Pelych, G. Nudd
Univ. of Warwick, England, UK
Auto-Optimization of Linear Algebra Parallel Routines: The Cholesky Factorization
L.P. García, J. Cuenca, D. Giménez
Technical Univ. of Cartagena, Spain
Scalable Farms
M. Poldner, H. Kuchen
Univ. of Münster, Germany
12:30 On Scheduling in UNICORE - Extending the Web Services Agreement based Resource Management Framework
A. Streit, O. Wäldrich, P. Wieder, W. Ziegler
ZAM (Research Center Jülich), Germany
Scheduling for Heterogeneous Networks of Computers with Persistent Fluctuation of Load
R. Higgins, A. Lastovetsky
Univ. College Dublin, Ireland
A Parallel Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioner Using Algebraic Multicolor Ordering for Magnetic Finite Element Analyses
T. Mifune, N. Obata, T. Iwashita, M. Shimasaki
Kyoto Univ., Japan
"Second-generation" Skeleton Systems
M. Danelutto
Univ. of Pisa, Italy
Intel's Xeon- and Itanium-based High Performance Processor Strategy
J. González
Intel Labs, Barcelona, Spain
13:00-14:30 Lunch
  Session 2
  Track A2
(Room 3.0.3)
Track B2
(Room 3.0.4)
Track C2
(Room 3.0.5)
Mini-Symposium M2
(Room 3.0.6)
Mini-Symposium N2
Mini-Symposium P2
(Room 4.0.1)
14:30-16:00 A2: Grid Computing II
Chair: A. Clematis
B2: Performance Evaluation & Analysis II
Chair: M. Prieto
C2: Algorithms II
Chair: G. Rünger
M2: Algorithmic Skeletons II
Organizer: H. Kuchen
N2: Processor Architectures II
Organizers: F. Baetke, J. González
P2: Bioinformatics I
Organizer: J.M. Carazo, A. Pascual
14:30 A Framework for Dynamic Adaptation of Parallel Components
J. Buisson, F. Andre, J.-L. Pazat
IRISA, France
Analysis and Optimization of Yee_Bench Using Hardware Performance Counters
U. Andersson, P. Mucci
Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Parallel Newton-Type Iterative Methods Based on ILU Factorizations
J. Arnal, H. Migallón, V. Migallón, J. Penadés
Univ. de Alicante, Spain
Domain Decomposition and Skeleton Programming with OCamlP3l
F. Clément, V. Martin, A. Vodicka, R. Di Cosmo, P. Weis
INRIA, France
The POWER Processor Architecture - Details, Status and Trends
M. Hennecke
IBM, Germany
Data Challange on Drug Discovery
V. Breton
CNRS, France
15:00 Towards a Distributed Scalable Data Service for the Grid
M. Aldinucci, M. Danelutto, G. Giaccherini, M. Torquati, M.Vanneschi
ISTI (CNR), Italy
Holistic Hardware Counter Performance Analysis of Parallel Programs
B.J.N. Wylie, B. Mohr
John von Neumann Institute for Computing, Germany
Parallel Algorithm for Nonlinearly Unconstrained Optimization Based in Parametric Trees
I. Pardines, D.E. Singh, F.F. Rivera
Univ. Complutense of Madrid, Spain
Mondriaan Sparse Matrix Partitioning for Attacking Cryptosystems - A Case Study
R.H. Bisseling, I. Flesch
Utrecht Univ., The Netherlands
BlueGene PPC and Cell Architectures: New Paradigms for HPC?
M. Hennecke
IBM, Germany
EMBRACE: a Web Services Grid
A. Bleasby, S. Center
Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK
15:30 eNANOS: Coordinated Scheduling in Grid Environments
I. Rodero, F. Guim, J. Corbalán, J. Labarta
Technical Univ. of Catalonia (UPC), Spain

Parallel Global Optimisation for Oil Reservoir Modelling
S. Gómez, N. del Castillo
Univ. Nacional Autónoma of Mexico, Mexico
Efficient Representation and Parallel Computation of String-Substring Longest Common Subsequences
A. Tiskin
The Univ. of Warwick, UK
The SPARC Processor Architechture - Details, Status and Trends
J.R. Alegret
SUN, Spain
Grid Computing as a Key for 3D Reconstruction Parameters Optimization
J.R. Bilbao-Castro, J.M. Carazo, I. García, J.J. Fernández
Univ. of Almería, Spain
CNB (CSIC), Spain
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break
  Session 3
  Track A3
(Room 3.0.3)
Track B3
(Room 3.0.4)
Track C3
(Room 3.0.5)
Mini-Symposium M3
(Room 3.0.6)
Mini-Symposium N3
Mini-Symposium P3
16:30-18:00 A3: Cancelled B3: Performance Evaluation & Analysis III
Chair: B. Wylie
C3: Algorithms III
Chair: T. Rauber
M3: Algorithmic Skeletons III
Organizer: H. Kuchen
N3: Processor Architectures III
Organizers: F. Baetke, J. González
P3: Bioinformatics II
Organizer: J.M. Carazo, A. Pascual

Ring Algorithms on Heterogeneous Windows-based Clusters with Various Message Passing Environments
A. Clematis, A. Corana
IEIIT (CNR), Italy
Parallelization of an Algorithm for Finding Facility Locations for an Entering Firm Under Delivered Pricing
J.L. Redondo, I. García, P.M. Ortigosa, B. Pelegrín, P. Fernández
Univ. of Almería, Spain
Skeletons for Recursively Unfolding Process Topologies
J. Berthold, R, Loogen
Univ. Marburg, Germany
Panel discussion with all mini-symposium speakers
Chairs: F. Baetke and J. González
Services Integration and Task-scheduling in Bioinformatics Grids
S. Ramírez; E. de Andrés, I. Navas-Delgado, A.J. Pérez, J. Aldana, O. Trelles
Univ. of Málaga, Spain

Phase-Based Parallel Performance Profiling
A. Malony, S.S. Shende, A. Morris
Univ. of Oregon, USA
Concurrent Parallel Shortest Path Computation
D. Nussbaum, J.-R. Sack, H. Ye
Carleton Univ., Canada
Towards Improving Skeletons in Eden
M. Hidalgo-Herrero, Y. Ortega-Mallén, F. Rubio
Univ. Complutense of Madrid, Spain
  Submitting Jobs to the EGEE Grid via Web Services in a Workflow Environment
E. de Andrés, N. Jiménez, S. Scheres, J.M. Carazo
Parque Científico de Madrid, Spain
CNB (CSIC), Spain

Tracing the Cache Behaviour of Data Structures in Fortran Applications
L. Barabas, R. Müller-Pfefferkorn, W.E. Nagel, R. Neumann
TU Dresden, Germany
OpenMP Parallelizations of Viswanathan and Bagchi`s Algorithm for the Two Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem
G. Miranda-Valladares, C. León-Hernández
Univ. of La Laguna, Spain
Reasoning About Skeletons in Eden
R. Peña, C.M. Segura
Univ. Complutense of Madrid, Spain
  Filtering 3D images in Structural Biology with Anisotropic Nonlinear Diffusion on SMP Clusters
S. Tabik, E.M. Garzón, I. García, J.J. Fernández
Univ. of Almería, Spain
18:00-21:00 Reception
  Wednesday, 14 September 2005
9:00-10:00 Invited Talk (Auditorium)
9:00 Advanced Techniques for Performance Analysis
Michael Gerndt. TU München. Germany
Chair: W.E. Nagel
  Session 4
  Track A4
(Room 3.0.3)
Track B4
(Room 3.0.4)
Track C4
(Room 3.0.5)
Mini-Symposium M4
(Room 3.0.6)
Mini-Symposium N4
10:00-11:00 A4: Cluster Computing I
Chair: E. Luque
B4: I/O & Databases I
Chair: A. Pascual
C4: Compiler Techniques I
Chair: M. Prieto
M4: Algorithmic Skeletons IV
Organizer: H. Kuchen
N4: Tools Support I
(Performance Tools)
Organizer: B. Mohr
10:00 Adaptive Selection of Communication Methods to Optimize Collective MPI Operations
O. Hartmann, M. Kühnemann, T. Rauber, G. Rünger
Univ. of Bayreuth, Germany
QoS-aware Query Processing in Cluster-based Image Databases
U. Rerrer, O. Kao
Univ. of Paderborn, Germany
Reducing Cache Misses by Loop Reordering
E. Herruzo, G. Bandera, O. Plata, E.L. Zapata
Univ. of Málaga, Spain
Merging Compositions of Array Skeletons in SAC
C. Grelck, S-B. Scholz
Univ. of Lübeck, Germany
Univ. of Hertfordshire, UK
Parallel Performance Mapping, Diagnosis, and Data Mining
A.D. Malony, S. Shende, L. Li, K. Huck
Univ. of Oregon, USA
10:30 Fault Tolerant Master-Worker over a Multi-Cluster Architecture
J. Rodrigues de Souza, E. Argollo, A. Duarte, D. Rexachs, E. Luque
Univ. Autónoma of Barcelona, Spain
A New Algorithm for Join Processing with the Internet Transfer Delays
K. Imasaki, S. Dandamudi
Carleton Univ., Canada
Performance Evaluation of Barrier Techniques for Distributed Tracing Garbage Collectors
J.M. Velasco, D. Atienza, K. Olcoz, F. Catthoor
Univ. Complutense of Madrid, Spain
  Scalability of Tracing and Visualization Tools
J. Labarta, J. Giménez, E. Martínez, P. González, H. Servat, G. Llort, X. Aguilar
CEPBA - UPC, Spain
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
  Session 5
  Track A5
(Room 3.0.3)
Track B5
(Room 3.0.4)
Track C5
(Room 3.0.5)
Industrial I5
(Room 3.0.6)
Mini-Symposium N5
11:30-13:00 A5: Grid Computing III
Chair: O. Trelles
B5: Simulations II
Chair: F. de Sande
C5: Compiler Techniques II
Chair: R. Hermida
I5: Industrial I
Chair: F.J. Peters
N5: Tools Support II
(Performance Tools)
Organizer: B. Mohr
11:30 Parallel Program/Component Adaptivity Management
M. Aldinucci, F. André, J. Buisson, S. Campa, M. Coppola, M. Danelutto, C. Zoccolo
ISTI (CNR), Italy
Data Structures and Mesh Processing in Parallel CFD Project GIMM
B.N. Chetverushkin, V.A. Gasilov, S.V. Polyakov, M.V. Iakobovski, E.L. Kartasheva, A.S. Boldarev, A.S. Minkin
Institute for Mathematical Modeling (RAS), Russia
A New Strategy for Shape Analysis Based on Coexistent Link Sets
A. Tineo, F. Corbera, A. Navarro, R. Asenjo, E.L. Zapata
Univ. of Málaga, Spain
Role of Compute Intensive Application Profiles for Future System Designs
C. Tanasescu
Performance Comparison and Optimization: Case Studies using BenchIT
R. Schöne, G. Juckeland, W.E. Nagel, S. Pflüger, R. Wloch
TU Dresden, Germany
12:00 Load Balancing Support for Grid-enabled Applications
S. Rips
Univ. of Paderborn, Heinz Nixdorf Institute, Germany
Radiative Gas Dynamics Parallel Computing Using Unstructured Meshes
B.N. Chetverushkin, V.A. Gasilov, O.G. Olkhovskaya, S.V. D'yachenko, E.L. Kartashova, A.S. Boldarev, V.V. Valko
Russian Academy of Science, Russia
Optimal Tile Size Selection Guided by Analytical Models
B.B. Fraguela, M.G. Carmueja, D. Andrade
Univ. of A Coruña, Spain
Solaris 10 as a Platform for Parallel Application Development
R. Leon
SUN, Spain
Tools for Petascale and Multi-Paradigm System Design and Evaluation
P.C. Roth, J.S. Vetter, S.R. Alam, N. Bhatia, E.M. Grobelny, M.C. Smith, O.O. Storaasli
Oak Ridge National Lab., USA
12:30 NewsGrid: Infrastructure and Services
S. Geisler, G.R. Joubert
TU Clausthal, Germany
Performance Analysis and Visualization of the N-Body Tree Code PEPC on Massively Parallel Computers
P. Gibbon, W. Frings, B. Mohr
ZAM (Research Centre Jülich), Germany
Pack Transposition: Enhancing Superword Level Parallelism Exploitation
C. Tenllado, L. Piñuel, M. Prieto, F. Catthoor
Univ. Complutense of Madrid, Spain
N1 Sun Grid Engine
R. Leon
SUN, Spain
Performance Analysis of One-sided Communication Mechanisms
B. Mohr, A. Kühnal, M.-A. Hermanns, F. Wolf
ZAM (Research Centre Jülich), Germany
13:00-14:30 Lunch
  Session 6
  Track A6
(Room 3.0.3)
Track B6
(Room 3.0.4)
Track C6
(Room 3.0.5)
Mini-Symposium M6
(Room 3.0.6)
Mini-Symposium N6
14:30-16:00 A6: Grid Computing IV
Chair: M. Danelutto
B6: Simulations III
Chair: P. Mucci
C6: Applications I
(Image Processing)
Chair: M. Aldinucci
M6: Network-on-Chip I
Organizer: L. Benini, G. de Micheli, R. Hermida, J.M. Mendias
N6: Tools Support III
(MPI Checking)
Organizer: B. Mohr
14:30 Provision of Fault Tolerance with Grid-enabled and SLA-aware Resource Management Systems
F. Heine, M. Hovestadt, O. Kao, A. Keller
Univ. of Paderborn, Germany
Experiments with a Parallel Monte Carlo Simulation of Space Cosmic Particles Detector
F. Almeida, F. de Sande, C. Delgado, R. García
Univ. of La Laguna, Spain
High Volume Colour Image Processing with Massively Parallel Embedded Processors
J. Jacobs, W. Bond, R. Pouls, G. Smit
Oce Technologies BV, The Netherlands
Networks on Chips: A Synthesis Perspective
F. Angiolini, P. Meloni, L. Benini, S. Carta, L. Raffo
Univ. of Bologna, Italy
Univ. of Cagliari, Italy
Automated Correctness Analysis of MPI Programs with Intel(r) Message Checker
V. Samofalov, B. Kuhn, J. DeSouza, S. Zheltov, K. Nevidin, V. Krukov
Intel, Russia
15:00 Air Pollution Forecast on the HUNGRID Infrastructure
R. Lovas, J. Patvarczki, P. Kacsuk, I. Lagzi, T. Turányi, L. Kullman, L. Haszpra, R. Mészáros, A. Horányi, A. Bencsura, Gy. Lendvay
Parallel Simulation of Tsunamis Using a Hybrid Software Approach
X. Cai, G.K. Pedersen, H.P. Langtangen, S. Glimsdal
Simula Research Laboratory, Norway
Parallel Endmember Extraction Techniques Applied to a Self-Organizing Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
D. Valencia, A. Plaza, R.M. Pérez, M.C. Cantero, P. Martínez, J. Plaza
Univ. de Extremadura, Spain
Distributed Congestion Control for Packet Switched Networks on Chip
T. Marescaux, A. Rangevall, V. Nollet, A. Bartic, H. Corporaal
IMEC, Belgium
Univ. of Lund, Sweden
Univ. of Eindhoven, The Netherlands
The MPI/SX Collectives Verification Library
J. Worringen, J.L. Träff
NEC C&C Research Lab. St. Augustin, Germany

Parallel Simulations of Underground Flow in Porous and Fractured Media
H. Mustapha, A. Beaudoin, J. Erhel, J.R. de Dreuzy
JPEG2000 Optimization in General Purpose Microprocessors
C. García, C. Tenllado, L. Piñuel, M. Prieto
Univ. Complutense of Madrid, Spain
Versatile FPGA-Based Functional Validation Framework for Networks-on-Chip Interconnections Designs
J.B. Pérez-Ramas, D. Atienza, M. Peón, I. Magan, J.M. Mendias, R. Hermida
INDRA, Spain
Univ. Complutense of Madrid, Spain
MPI Application Development with MARMOT
B. Krammer, M. Müller
Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break
  Session 7
  Track A7
(Room 3.0.3)
Track B7
(Room 3.0.4)
Track C7
(Room 3.0.5)
Mini-Symposium M7
(Room 3.0.6)
Mini-Symposium N7
16:30-18:00 A7: Languages
Chair: R. Asenjo
B7: Simulations IV
Chair: C. Bischof
C7: Applications II
(Image Processing)
Chair: L.F. Romero
M7: Network-on-Chip II
Organizer: L. Benini, G. de Micheli, R. Hermida, J.M. Mendias
16:30 Using eSkel to Implement the Multiple Baseline Stereo Application
A. Benoit, M. Cole, S. Gilmore, J. Hillston
The Univ. of Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)
A Parallel Software for a Saltwater Intrusion Problem
E. Canot, C. de Dieuleveult, J. Erhel
A Parallel IMAGE Processing Server for Distributed Applications
D. D`Agostino, A. Clematis, A. Galizia
IMATI (CNR), Italy
A New Model for NoC-based Distributed Heterogeneous System Design
F. Rincón, F. Moya, J. Barba, D. Villa, F.J. Villanueva, J.C. López
Univ. of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
17:00 A Java/Jini Framework Supporting Stream Parallel Computations
M. Danelutto, P. Dazzi
Univ. of Pisa, Italy
A High-Performance Parallel Device Simulator for High Electron Mobility Transistors
N. Seoane, A. J. García Loureiro, K. Kalna, A. Asenov
Univ. of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
A Speculative Parallel Algorithm for Self-Organizing Maps
C. García, M. Prieto, A. Pascual-Montano
Univ. Complutense of Madrid, Spain
Exploration and Tuning of Custom NoC Topologies Using an FPGA-Based Framework
N. Genko, D. Atienza, G. De Micheli
EPFL, Switzerland
Univ. Complutense of Madrid, Spain
17:30       Modular SoC-Design Using the MANGO Clockless NoC
T. Bjerregaard, J. Sparsø, S. Mahadevan, J. Madsen
Technical Univ. of Denmark, Denmark
  Thursday, 15 September 2005
  Session 8
  Track A8
(Room 3.0.3)
Track B8
(Room 3.0.4)
Track C8
(Room 3.0.5)
Mini-Symposium M8
(Room 3.0.6)
Mini-Symposium N8
9:00-11:00 A8: Grid Computing V
Chair: V. Hernández
B8: I/O & Databases II
Chair: J. Carretero
C8: Applications III
Chair: M. Müller
9:00 Distributed Shared Memory in a Grid Environment
J.P. Ryan, B.A. Coghlan
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Comparing Two Parallel File Systems: PVFS and FSDDS
J. Buenabad-Chávez, S. Domínguez-Domínguez
Genomic-Scale Analysis of DNA Words of Arbitrary Length by Parallel Computation
X.Y. Yang, A. Ripoll, V. Arnau, I. Marín, E. Luque
Univ. Autónoma of Barcelona, Spain
9:30 Hierarchical and Reliable Multicast Communication for Grid Systems
N. Ranaldo, G. Tretola, E. Zimeo
Univ. of Sannio, Italy
pCFS: A Parallel Cluster File System
P.A. Lopes, P.D. Medeiros
Univ. Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Parallel Implementation of SEMPHY-a Structural EM Algorithm for Phylogenetic Reconstruction
E. Li, Z. Ouyang, X. Deng, Y. Zhang, W. Chen
Intel China Research Center Ltd., China
10:00 Building Interoperable Grid-aware ASSIST Applications via WebServices
M. Aldinucci, M. Danelutto, A. Paternesi, R. Ravazzolo, M. Vanneschi
ISTI (CNR), Italy
Parallel I/O Optimization for an Air Pollution Model
D.E. Singh, F. García, J. Carretero
Univ. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Exploiting Parallelism on Irregular Applications Using the GPU
M. Ujaldón, J.H. Saltz
Univ. of Málaga, Spain

A Parallel Data Management Layer for Data Mining
M. Coppola, P. Pesciullesi, L. Presti, R. Ravazzolo, M. Vanneschi
ISTI (CNR), Italy
Biomedical and Civil Engineering Experiences Using Grid Computing Technologies
J.M. Alonso, V. Hernández, G. Moltó
Technical Univ. of Valencia, Spain
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
  Session 9
  Track A9
(Room 3.0.3)
Track B9
(Room 3.0.4)
Track C9
(Room 3.0.5)
Industrial I9
(Room 3.0.6)
Mini-Symposium N9
11:30-13:00 A9: Architecture
Chair: I. García
B9: Simulations V
Chair: T. Rauber
C9: Algorithms IV
Chair: M. Shimasaki
I9: Industrial II
Chair: F.J. Peters
11:30 Massively Parallel MIMD Architectures Achieves High Performance in a Spam Filter
O.R. Birkeland, M. Nedland, O. Snøve Jr.
Interagon AS, Norway
Real-Time Simulation for Laser-Tissue Interaction Model
L.F. Romero, O. Trelles, M.A. Trelles
Univ. of Málaga, Spain
A Parallel Adaptive Algorithm to Improve Precision of Time Series Identification
J.A. Gómez, M.A. Vega, J.M. Sánchez, J.M. Granado
Univ. of Extremadura, Spain
Compute Farms Versus SMP: The War of the World?
J.M. Denis
Bull, France
12:00 Implementing Critical Sections with the Shared Explicit Cache System in the Shared Memory Parallel Architectures
T. Madajczak, H. Krawczyk
Gdansk Univ. of Technology, Poland
Computer Simulation of the Acoustic Impedance of Modern Orchestral Horns
A. Benoit, J.P. Chick
The Univ. of Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)
Towards Robustness in Parallel SAT Solving
W. Blochinger
Univ. of Tuebingen, Germany
Linux Computacional Clusters with Scalable Data Service
I. Eiguren
HP, Spain

Parallelization of the C++ Navier-Stokes Solver DROPS with OpenMP
C. Terboven, A. Spiegel, D. an Mey, S. Gross, V. Reichelt
RWTH Aachen Univ., Germany
Asynchronous Iterative Computations with Web Information Retrieval Structures: The PageRank Case
G. Kollias, E. Gallopoulos, D. Szyld
Univ. of Patras, Greece
13:00-14:30 Lunch
14:30-20:30 Excursion
20:30-23:30 Dinner
  Friday, 16 September 2005
9:00-10:00 Invited Talk (Auditorium)
9:00 The Right-Hand Turn to Multi-Core Processors
Antonio González. UPC & Intel Labs., Barcelona, Spain
Chair: E.L. Zapata
  Session 10
  Track A10
(Room 3.0.3)
Track B10
(Room 3.0.4)
Track C10
(Room 3.0.5)
Mini-Symposium M10
(Room 3.0.6)
Mini-Symposium N10
10:00-11:00 A10: Cluster Computing II
Chair: W.E. Nagel
B10: Cancelled
C10: Applications IV
Chair: J.M. Carazo
10:00 A Distributed Scheme for Fault-Tolerance in Large Clusters of Workstations
A. Duarte, D. Rexachs, E. Luque
Univ. Autónoma of Barcelona, Spain

Parallel Compression of 3D Meshes for Efficient Distributed Visualization
A. Clematis, D. D`Agostino, V. Gianuzzi
IMATI (CNR), Italy
10:30 An Automated Approach to Improve Communication-Computation Overlap in Clusters
L. Fishgold, A. Danalis, L. Pollock, M. Swany
Univ. of Delaware, USA

A Parallel Implementation of a 3D Reconstruction Algorithm for Real-Time Vision
J. Falcou, J. Sérot, T. Chateau, F. Jurie
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
  Session 11
  Track A11
(Room 3.0.3)
Track B11
(Room 3.0.4)
Track C11
(Room 3.0.5)
Mini-Symposium M11
(Room 3.0.6)
Mini-Symposium N11
11:30-13:00 A11: Scheduling
Chair: to be announced
B11: Simulations VI
Chair: D. an Mey
C11: Algorithms V
(Numerical Libraries)
Chair: M. Ujaldón
11:30 A New Genetic Convex Clustering Algorithm for Parallel Time Minimization with Large Communication Delays
J.E.P. Sanchez, D. Trystram
Lab. ID (IMAG), France
Optimization of an Octree-based 3-D Parallel Meshing Algorithm for the Simulation of Small-Feature Semiconductor Devices
J.J. Pombo, M. Aldegunde, A.J. García-Loureiro
Univ. of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Solving Real Life Applications With High Accuracy
C. Hölbig, P. Morandi Jr., D. Claudio, T. Diverio
Univ. of Passo Fundo, Brazil
12:00 Scheduling issues on IBM p690: Performance Analysis with the PARbench Environment
H. Dietze, W.E. Nagel, B. Trenkler
Dresden Univ. of Technology, Germany
Large Scale Simulation of Ideal Quantum Computers on SMP-Clusters
G. Arnold, T. Lippert, N. Pomplun, M. Richter
ZAM (Research Centre Jülich), Germany
Improving Ease of Use in BLACS and PBLAS with Python
T. Drummond, V. Galiano, V. Migallón, J. Penadés
Univ. de Alicante, Spain

Parallel Program Complex for High Reynolds Unsteady Flow Simulation
B.N. Chetverushkin, E.V. Shilnikov
Institute for Mathematical Modeling (RAS), Russia
Parallelization of GSL on Clusters of Symmetric Multiprocessors
J. Aliaga, F. Almeida, J.M. Badía, S. Barrachina, V. Blanco, M. Castillo, R. Mayo, E.S. Quintana, G. Quintana, C. Rodríguez, F. de Sande, A.Santos
Univ. of La Laguna, Spain
13:00-13:30 Closing Session
Chair: G. Joubert
13:30-15:00 Lunch
last update: 8 September 2005