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Department of Computer Architecture
  • E. Hendrix
    Eligius-Maria-Theodorus Hendrix

    Full Professor

Contact Information

E.T.S.I. Industrial, office: 2.116D
Phone: 95 195 2257
E-mail: eligius (at)

Academic and Professional Experience

Bachelor's Degree in Econometrics, University of Tilburg (NL), 1984
PhD, University of Wageningen (NL), 1998
Assistant Professor, University of Wageningen (NL), 1987
Associate Professor, University of Wageningen (NL), 2006
Researcher Ramón y Cajal, University of Malaga, 2008
Hired Associate Professor, University of Malaga, 2015
Associate Professor, University of Malaga, 2017
Full Professor, University of Malaga, 2018


Courses offered in 2020/21:
Gr. Ing. Informática - Tecnología de Computadores (Guía Docente)


Research topics: Global optimization, simulation models, algorithms
Research areas:
Supercomputing: Algorithms (SAL)
Publications: All years

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