Hamming SEC/DED

Bit string: Binary string to be encoded or to be checked (e.g. 11101110)


IEEE representation (Hex): Hexadecimal string that represents a real number in IEEE754 simple presicion (e.g. 3F800000)

Real number: Real number to be represented in IEEE754 simple presicion (e.g. -23.54, 37.69 x 2^-12)


Bit string: Bit string that represents a natural or integer number to be decoded (e.g. 100010)
Excess (M): Excess amount for the "excess-M" representation (e.g. 127)

Integer number: Natural or integer number to be represented (e.g. 38, -45)
Number of bits: Number of bits to use for the representation (e.g. 8, 32)
Excess (M): Excess amount for the "excess-M" representation (e.g. 127)

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T1: Integer 1 ()

Given the following bit string, determine the integer value it represents according to the indicated system. If you think the bit string does not represent a number in the system, indicate that with a X.

Bit string: 0b

Natural SM C2 Excess BCD

T2: Integer 2 ()

Represent the following integer number in bits according the indicated system. Indicate with a X if you think the number cannot be represented.


Natural SM C2 Excess BCD

T3: IEEE754 1 ()

Give the real number that corresponds to the following floating point IEEE754 (32 bits) standard representation given in hexadecimal (+/- infinity, NaN, x2^ allowed).

Hexadecimal IEEE754 representation: 0x

Real number:

T4: IEEE754 2 ()

Represent the following (decimal) number in floating point IEEE754 standard (32 bits) (represent the resulting 32 bits string in hexadecimal).


IEEE754 representation (hex):

T5: Hamming 1 ()

Give the bit string representation in Hamming SEC and Hamming SEC/DED for the following data bit string:

Data bit string (D3D5D6D7..):

Hamming SEC (P1P2D3P4D5..):
Hamming SEC/DED (PP1P2D3P4D5..):

T6: Hamming 2 ()

The following bit strings represent some data coded in Hamming SEC and Hamming SED/DED. Determine, whether an error occurred in one or two bits (ignoring the possibility of 2 bit errors for Hamming SEC and 3 bit errors for Hamming SEC/DED). If possible, give the correct data sent out (X in other case):

Hamming SEC      Hamming SEC/DED
Bit strings:
Correct data:
Num. errors:

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