The PAPC research group has an active collaboration with technology-based industry, reflected in the participation of various technology transfer contracts.

Technology Transfer Contracts

Most significant technology transfer contracts.

ARCHIVATOR Process - The Solution for Long-Term Archiving of Digital Data
Archivator project proposes to design and implement a stable and reliable solution to long-term storage of digital content. The solution adopted in this project to overcome the drawbacks of existing storage devices to achieve long-term is to use a medium based on high resolution micrographic polyester film, which durability and stability is measured in centuries. The participation of our research group is coordinated through a technology transfer contract with Tedial, a partner company of the project. In particular, we contribute to the development of the boxing/unboxing processes, that adapts the digital content data to the recorder system (including error correction and metadata) and extract content data from the scanned images. We also contribute to the development of an Archivator Process Manager (APM) and the integration of the Archivator system into a HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) system.
Main Coordinator: Rune Bjerkestrand, Cinevation, Norway
Local Coordinators: Oscar Plata and Emilio L. Zapata
Agency: European Union (Eureka Eurostars E!4683)
Company: Tedial, S.L.
Dates: April 1, 2009 - March 30, 2012 (extended until November 16, 2012)
Development and Integration of Information Audiovisual Systems
This contract proposes a number of tasks in the context of digital audiovisual systems. First, the design of a system for video analysis and automatic indexing, for storyboard generation, audio to text conversion, and direct access (frame precision) to data content. Second, the design of a system for automatic management of robotized tape libraries in the context of large data files. Third, the design of a system for XML representation of multimedia data for Internet distribution and interactive TV, Finally, the design of a distributed multimedia information system.
Principal Investigator: Oscar Plata
Company: Tedial, S.L.
Dates: 2001 - 2006.