Principal control panel.

Button Back It retreat toward the previous level that has been viewed. In the first level this button will be inactive.
Button Next It advance toward the following level indicated by TextField Link. This button will be only active in the levels I and II.
TextField Level This TextField is between the buttons Next and Back and it indicate the current level in the that we met. This TextField will take the courages of: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3.
TextField Link Here we will indicate the next family or subfamily that we want to see. We could indicate it of two forms:
  1. Pick with the mouse in the link of the family or subfamily desired.
  2. Writing directly in the TextField Link the corresponding link to the family or subfamily that we desire to view.
TextField Messages Here the applet could give us diverse messages of warning or aid.
Buttom Alignment This button calculates the alignment of the secuences that belongs to the current subfamily that we are viewing.

Alignment's control.

Button Apply Alignment If you push this button apply alignment choiced in the Choice Alignment to the secuences.
Choice Alignment Here you choice the alignmnent.