University of Malaga National Center for Biotechnology
Computer Architecture Departament BioComputing Unit

Unidad Asociada para la Computación de Altas Prestaciones en Biología y Biomedicina

Joint Reseach Unit for High Performance Issues in Biology and BioMedicine

Joint Directors: J.M.Carazo (CNB-CSIC) and E.L.Zapata (Univ.Málaga)

Workshop on Data Mining and Query by Content in Image Databases

Málaga, July the 17-18th

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General Information

As part of the yearly activities of the CSIC-Univ. of Malaga Joint Research Unit on High Performance Computing Issues in Biology and Biomedicine, and following the series of workshops started in in Santiago de Compostela, and last year in Caceres we are organizing a workshop on the emerging topic on new ways to efficiently handle large databases of complex objects, bringing to a special focus issues related to query by content and high performance computing in image data bases.

The aim is to bring together scientists involved in high performance issues as well as image processing with world experts in the field of handling complex and large databases. The hope is that new ideas may arise and fruitful collaborations between the different groups might appear in the exciting and new field of image data bases.

The Workshop will be held in Málaga [Málaga is situated in the south of Spain, about 500 Km south of Madrid]. For participants there is a nominal registration fee of pts. We are negotiating possible registration fellowships for members of certain scientific societies (more information on this subject will be made available later on).


Last modified: 29th May 1997