Development of a video surveillance system based on image processing

Coordinator: Nicolas Guil

Participants: Nicolas Guil, Jose Maria Gonzalez Linares

Funded by the company Tecnologias Digitales Audiovisuales (TEDIAL), Duration: Two years (2005-2006)

Description: In this project a video surveillance prototype was developed for the company ADIF (Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias) to detect obstacles in railways. Keypoints of the prototype include:

  • Autonomous operation usign solar energy
  • Detection of stationary objects in the railway
  • Robust operation under adverse weather conditions (rain, fog, solar glare, etc)
  • Night vision operation using infrared illumination
  • Storage and indexing of alarms information in remote control centers
  • Low bandwith requires alarms transmision using GPRS communications
  • Easily scalable to dozens of installations

A picture of an installation. There is a solar panel with batteries, an infrared illuminator, a computer that runs the obstacles detection application and a PTZ dome network camera:


The remote control GUI. It allows to search and examine alarms and periodical images sent from different instalations:

Remote Control GUI