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Accelerating Time Series Analysis via Processing using Non-Volatile Memories [arXiv]
I. Fernandez, A. Manglik, C. Giannoula, R. Quislant, N.M. Ghiasi, J.G. Luna, E. Gutierrez, O. Plata, O. Mutlu
arXiv:2211.04369 [cs.AR], November 2022

Lightweight Structure-Aware Attention for Visual Understanding [arXiv]
H. Kwon, F.M. Castro, M.J. Marin-Jimenez, N. Guil, K. Alahari
arXiv:2211.16289 [cs.CV], November 2022


DAMOV: A New Methodology and Benchmark Suite for Evaluating Data Movement Bottlenecks [arXiv]
G.F. Oliveira, J. Gomez-Luna, L. Orosa, S. Ghose, N. Vijaykumar, I. Fernandez, M. Sadrosadati, O. Mutlu
arXiv:2105.03725 [cs.AR], July 2021

Benchmarking a New Paradigm: an Experimental Analysis of a Real Processing-in-Memory Architecture [arXiv]
J. Gomez-Luna, I. El Hajj, I. Fernandez, C. Giannoula, G.F. Oliveira, O. Mutlu
arXiv:2105.03814 [cs.AR], July 2021

Keynote: oneAPI for GPUs and FPGAs: Portability, Yes!, Performance Portability, Not Quite [link]
R. Asenjo
29th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing (PDP'21), Virtual Event, March 2021


Tutorial: C++ for Heterogeneous Programming: oneAPI (DPC++ and oneTBB) [link]
J. Reinders, M. Voss, P. Reble, R. Asenjo
The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC'20), Virtual Event, November 2020

Panel: The oneAPI Software Abstraction for Heterogeneous Computing [link]
R. Asenjo, E. Lindahl, X. Meng, M. Wong, D. Hardy, M. Garzaran, Moderator: S. Tibrewala
The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC'20), Virtual Event, November 2020

Efficiency and Productivity for Decision-Making on Mobile SoCs [link]
D.A. Constantinescu
Intel DevMesh Publication, April 2020

Array Relocation Approach for Radial Scanning Algorithms on Multi-GPU Systems: Total Viewshed Problem as a Case Study [arXiv]
A.J. Sanchez, F. Romero, G. Bandera, S. Tabik
arXiv:2003.02200 [cs.DS], March 2020


Pro TBB: C++ Parallel Programming with Threading Building Blocks [doi]
M. Voss, R. Asenjo, J. Reinders
Apress Ed. (Berkeley, CA, USA), ISBN: 978-1-4842-4398-5, 2019


Improving Tasks Throughput on Accelerators Using OpenCL Command Concurrency [arXiv]
A.J. Lazaro, J.M. Gonzalez-Linares, J. Gomez-Luna, N. Guil
arXiv:1806.10113 [cs.DC], July 2018

Tutorial: An Introduction to Intel Threading Building Blocks (Intel TBB) and its Support for Heterogeneous Programming [link]
R. Asenjo, J. Cownie, A. Fedotov
23rd ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming (PPoPP'18), Vienna (Austria), February 2018


Tutorial: Expressing Heterogeneous Parallelism in C++ with Intel Threading Building Blocks [link]
J. Reinders, J. Cownie, P. Reble, R. Asenjo
The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC'17), Denver (CO), USA, November 2017

Tutorial: CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs: A Tutorial on Heterogeneity and Managing Accelerators with Intel Threading Building Blocks [link]
M. Voss, J. Cownie, R. Asenjo
23rd International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing (EuroPar'17), Santiago de Compostela (Spain), August-September 2017


Keynote: Making the Most Out of Heterogeneous Chips with CPU, GPU and FPGA [link]
R. Asenjo
16th International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing (ICA3PP'16), Granada (Spain), December 2016


Book Chapter: Conflict Detection in Hardware Transactional Memory [doi]
R. Quislant, E. Gutierrez, E.L. Zapata, O. Plata
Transactional Memory: Foundations, Algorithms, Tools and Applications (COST Action Euro-TM IC1001)
(Springer, LNCS 8913, R. Guerraoui and P. Romano, Eds., pp. 127-149, 2015)


Keynote: Modelos de Programación para Arquitecturas Heterogéneas On-Chip [link]
R. Asenjo
XXV Jornadas de Paralelismo (JJPP'14) (parte de las Jornadas Sarteco), Valladolid (Spain), September 2014


Book Chapter: A Survey for the Automatic Classification of Bone Tissue Images [doi]
J.E. Gil, J.P. Aranda, E. Merida-Casermeiro, M. Ujaldon
Topics in Medical Image Processing and Computational Vision
(Springer, LNCVB, Vol. 8, Ch. 10, J.M.R.S. Tavares and R.M.N. Jorge, Eds., pp. 181-200, 2013)



Book Chapter: Leveraging Graphics Hardware for an Automatic Classification of Bone Tissue [doi]
M.J. Martin-Requena, M. Ujaldon
Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing - Recent Trends
(Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, Vol. 19, Springer, 2011, pp. 209-228, extended papers from VIPimage'09)



Book Chapter: Processing of Large-Scale Biomedical Images on a Cluster of Multi-Core CPUs and GPUs [doi]
U.V. Catalyurek, T.D.R. Hartley, O. Sertel, M. Ujaldon, A. Ruiz, J. Saltz, M.N. Gurcan
Advances in Parallel Computing, Vol. 18: High Speed and Large Scale Scientific Computing, W. Gentzsch, L. Grandinetti and G. Joubert, Eds., IOS Press, 2009, pp. 341-364

Book Chapter: Scalable Image Registration and 3D Reconstruction at Microscopic Resolution
L. Cooper, K. Huang, M. Ujaldon, A. Ruiz
High Throughput Image Reconstruction and Analysis, A. Ravishankar Rao and G.A. Cecchi, Eds., ArTech House Publishers, 2009, pp. 181-207



Book Chapter: Computer Architectures for Multimedia and Video Analysis [doi]
E. Saez, J. Gonzalez-Mora, N. Guil, J.I. Benavides, E.L. Zapata
High Performance Computing in Remote Sensing, A.J. Plaza and C-I. Chang, Eds., Chapman and Hall/CRC Pub., 2007, pp. 43-68


A Survey on Grid Architectures for Bioinformatics
G.P. Trabado, O. Plata, E.L. Zapata
Engineering the Grid: Status and Perspectives, Chapter 7, American Scientific Pub., January 2006


Hardware para Intervalos
J. Hormigo, E.L. Zapata, J. Villalba
El Análisis de Intervalos en España: Desarrollos, Herramientas y Aplicaciones, Documenta Universitaria, 2005, pp. 87-95

Bioinformatics and Parallel Metaheuristics
O. Trelles, A. Rodríguez
Parallel Metaheuristics: A New Class of Algorithms, Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing, E. Alba, Ed., 2005, pp. 517-549


Tutorial: Exploitation of Locality and Parallelism in Pointer-based Programs
O. Plata, R. Asenjo
13th International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT'04), Antibes (Juan-les-Pins, France), September-October 2004




Variable-Precision Exponential Evaluation [doi]
J. Hormigo, J. Villalba, M.J. Schulte
Scientific Computing, Validated Numerics, Interval Methods
(Springer, W. Kraemer and J.W. von Gudenberg, Eds., pp. 19-28, 2001)



Book Chapter: A Hardware Approach to Interval Artihmetic for Sine and Cosine Functions [doi]
J. Hormigo, J. Villalba, E.L. Zapata
Developments in Reliable Computing, (Springer, Dordrecht, T. Csendes Ed., pp. 31-41, 1999)




Data-Parallel Language Features for Sparse Codes
M. Ujaldon, E.L. Zapata, B. Chapman, H. Zima
Languages, Compilers and Run-Time Systems for Scalable Computers
(Kluwer Academic Pubs., B.K. Szymanski, B. Sinharoy, Eds., pp. 253-264, 1996)


Exhibicion de Autoestereogramas por Ordenador
E. Gutierrez, J.R. Cozar
Ars Infographica: Audio, Video, Grafica, Ayuntamiento, Diputacion Provincial y Universidad de Malaga, 1995


Convex Constraints on the Residual and 3D Reconstruction from Projections: Proposal of a General ART and its Parallel Implementation [doi]
J. Sanjurjo, E.L. Zapata, I. Garcia, J. Roca, J.M. Carazo
Advances in Pattern Recognition and Applications, World Scientific Pub., F. Casacuberta and A. Sanfeliu Eds., pp. 146-157, 1994



Book Chapter: Parallel Algorithms for Pattern Recognition [doi]
F.F. Rivera, J.M. Carazo, J.I. Benavides, E.L. Zapata
Pattern Recogniton and Image Analysis
(World Scientific Pub., Series in Machine Perception and Artificial Intelligence - Vol. 1, N. Perez de la Blanca, A. Sanfeliu and E. Vidal, Eds., 1992, pp. 21-34)


Book Chapter: On the Partition of Algorithms into Hypercubes
E.L. Zapata, F.F. Rivera, O. Plata
Advances in Parallel Computing
(JAI Press, Advances in Parallel Computing, Vol. 1, D.J. Evans, Ed., 1991, pp. 149-171)


Book Chapter: Image Reconstruction on Transputer Networks
E.L. Zapata, I. Benavides, J.D. Bruguera, J.M. Carazo
Applications of Transputers 2
(IOS Press, D.J. Pritchard and C.J. Scott, Eds., 1990)









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