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Department of Computer Architecture


The Department of Computer Architecture of the University of Malaga has as its fundamental aim the academic training in fields related to the technology, structure and architecture of computers. Specifically, the training covers from the design of systems (processors, memory, networks, storage, embedded architectures, operating systems, control and operation software, ...) to the design, configuration and management of general or specialized infrastructures, in where different systems are integrated to offer a computing solution in some sector.

Another of the department's main activities is the research and development of technological solutions in the field of architecture and computer technology. This activity is organized in several interrelated areas and financed by national and international projects as well as R&D contracts with technology companies.

The headquarters of the department is in the School of Computer Science Engineering, en Teatinos campus of the University de Malaga, although it has departmental space in the School of Industrial Engineering and in the Andalucia Technology Park (PTA).