Journal Papers: Last 5 Years
Author: N. Guil


AttenGait: Gait Recognition with Attention and Rich Modalities [doi]
F.M. Castro, R. Delgado-Escaño, R. Hernandez-Garcia, M.J. Marin, N. Guil
Pattern Recognition, 148, April 2024, 110171


Irregular Alignment of Arbitrarily Long DNA Sequences on GPU [doi]
E. Perez-Wohlfeil, O. Trelles, N. Guil
The Journal of Supercomputing, 79 (5), May 2023, pp. 8699-8728

Artificial Intelligence to Assist Specialists in the Detection of Haematological Diseases [doi]
S. Diaz-del-Pino, O. Trelles, F.A. Gonzalez-Fernandez, N. Guil
Heliyon, 9 (5), May 2023, e15940


High Performance Inference of Gait Recognition Models on Embedded Systems [doi]
P. Ruiz, F.M. Castro, R. Delgado, J.R. Cozar, N. Guil
Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems, 36, December 2022, 100814

CAVLCU: An Efficient GPU-based Implementation of CAVLC [doi]
A. Fuentes-Alventosa, J. Gomez-Luna, J.M. Gonzalez-Linares, N. Guil, R. Medina-Carnicer
The Journal of Supercomputing, 78, April 2022, pp. 7556-7590

FlexSched: Efficient Scheduling Techniques for Concurrent Kernel Execution on GPUs [doi]
B. Lopez-Albelda, F.M. Castro, J.M. Gonzalez-Linares, N. Guil
The Journal of Supercomputing, 78, January 2022, pp. 43-71


UGaitNet: Multimodal Gait Recognition With Missing Input Modalities [doi]
M.J. Marin-Jimenez, F.M. Castro, R. Delgado, V. Kalogeiton, N. Guil
IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 16, December 2021, pp. 5452-5462

GaitCopy: Disentangling Appearance for Gait Recognition by Signature Copy [doi]
R. Delgado, F.M. Castro, N. Guil, M.J. Marin-Jimenez
IEEE Access, 9, December 2021, pp. 164339-164347

Anomalous Object Detection by Active Search with PTZ Cameras [doi]
E. Lopez-Rubio, M.A. Molina, F.M. Castro, R.F. Luque, M.J. Marin-Jimenez, N. Guil
Expert Systems with Applications, 181, November 2021, art. 115150


Heuristics for Concurrent Task Scheduling on GPUs [doi]
B. Lopez-Albelda, A.J. Lazaro-Muñoz, J.M. Gonzalez-Linares, N. Guil
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 32 (20), October 2020, e5571

MuPeG - The Multiple Person Gait Framework [doi]
R. Delgado, F.M. Castro, J.R. Cozar, M.J. Marin, N. Guil
Sensors, 20 (5), March 2020, art. 1358

Multimodal Feature Fusion for CNN-based Gait Recognition: An Empirical Comparison [doi]
F.M. Castro, M.J. Marin, N. Guil, N. Perez-de-la-Blanca
Neural Computing and Applications, 32, March 2020, pp. 14173-14193

A Cross-Dataset Deep Learning-based Classifier for People Fall Detection and Identification [doi]
R. Delgado, F.M. Castro, J.R. Cozar, M.J. Marin, N. Guil, E. Casilari
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 184, February 2020

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