Journal Papers: Last 5 Years
Author: S. Tabik





VPP: Visibility-Based Path Planning Heuristic for Monitoring Large Regions of Complex Terrain Using a UAV Onboard Camera [doi]
A.J. Sanchez, L.F. Romero, G. Bandera, S. Tabik
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 15, December 2021, pp. 944-955

A Data Relocation Approach for Terrain Surface Analysis on Multi-GPU Systems: A Case Study on the Total Viewshed Problem [doi]
A.J. Sanchez, L.F. Romero, G. Bandera, S. Tabik
International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 35 (Iss. 8), August 2021, pp. 1500-1520


Asynchronous Processing for Latent Fingerprint Identification on Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Systems [doi]
A.J. Sanchez, L.F. Romero, D. Peralta, M.A. Medina-Perez, Y. Saeys, F. Herrera, S. Tabik
IEEE Access, 8, June 2020, pp. 124236-124253

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