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Master in Intelligent Avionics (Edition 2021)

The Master Science in Intelligent Avionics is an own right title of the Universidad de Málaga, sponsored and financed entirely by Clue Technologies, and intended for the use of newly graduated engineers, interested in developing their career in the field of electronic systems for aerospace.

The company will hire up to 80% of the master graduates.

The Master will be taught by university professors and recognized experts in the fields of each of the subjects.

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CEDI 20/21: VI Spanish Informatics Congress, September 22-24, 2021, Malaga

The SPANISH INFORMATICS CONGRESS (CEDI) aims to serve as a meeting point for professionals dedicated preferably to research, development, innovation and university teaching, within the field of computer science and engineering. The CEDI has been structured as a multi-congress, formed by a set of events, a large part of which correspond to Congresses, Conferences or Meetings that are being carried out periodically. Practically all the fields in which computing currently affects are covered, and within each of them the most innovative aspects are presented, through communications, and with greater future projection, always from an eminently university and scientific perspective.

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Sarteco Conference, September 22-24, 2021, Malaga

XXXI Parallelism Conference, September 22-24, 2021, Malaga

The Society for Computer Architecture and Technology (SARTECO) once again presents the SARTECO Conference, which include the XXXI Parallelism Conference (JP20/21) and the V Conference on Embedded and Reconfigurable Computing (JCER20/21).

The Parallelism Conference is a national scientific-technical congress that has been held since 1990 to bring together the maximum number of researchers from different universities and research centers. We intend to exchange experiences, present and discuss research results, promote coordination between groups, and share their ideas on trends related to parallelism, architecture and computer networks in general. During the Conference, a space is also reserved to learn about the activities of companies dedicated to the world of parallel computing and the latest educational innovations in the area of computer architecture and technology.

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Campus Tech Chicas - Informatica (Edition 2021)

Campus Tech Chicas consists of a series of training activities aimed at ESO girls, who will tackle a technological project for two weeks and will show the results of their work in a final day open to the public.

The main objective of Campus Tech is to achieve an increase in the number of vocations in Computer Science studies, especially among young girls, with the aim of changing the perception of Computer Science and discarding stereotypes.

This initiative began as a pilot test in 2018 and, given the success and interest achieved among the target audience, was carried out a second edition in 2019, with larger resources and motivation from its organizers.

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