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Department of Computer Architecture
  • O. Trelles
    Oswaldo Trelles-Salazar

    Full Professor

Contact Information

E.T.S.I. Informática, office: 2.2.37
Phone: 95 213 2823
E-mail: ots (at)

Academic and Professional Experience

Industrial Engineer, University Católica de Perú, 1976
PhD in Industrial Engineering, University of Malaga, 1995
Full-Time Assistant Professor, University of Malaga, 1991
Interim Associate Professor, University of Malaga, 1996
Associate Professor, University of Malaga, 1996
Full Professor, University of Malaga, 2016


Courses offered in 2020/21:
Gr. Ing. de la Salud - Técnicas y Modelos Algorítmicos (Guía Docente)
Gr. Ing. de la Salud - Proyectos de Bioinformática (Guía Docente)


Research topics: High performance computing, bioinformatics, life sciences
Research areas:
Information Technologies Applied to Life Sciences (BITLAB)
Publications: All years

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