The conference venue will be The School of Industrial Engineering in Málaga, Spain.

Address: C/ Arquitecto Francisco Peñalosa, 6, 29071, Málaga, Spain.

   How to get to The School of Industrial Engineering:

By bus - Lines 8, 11, 22

By subway - Line 1, station name "Paraninfo" (this is the best option to reach the conference)

   How to get to The School of Industrial Engineering from Paraninfo subway station:


Please let us know as well if you have any dietary requirements at

How to get to Málaga

Málaga is really well connected by plane, train, car and bus with the main cities of Spain and Europe. Also the Málaga airport receives flights from different cities of Spain and abroad.

By plane

It is the main option if you are travelling directly from your country. Málaga Airport (IATA: AGP), also known as Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport, is a large airport in Spain. It is an international airport which serves the Mediterranean area, Málaga Province and Costa del Sol, Spain. Málaga Airport has non-stop passenger flights scheduled over 60 countries. The airport is located 8 km from the city centre, where you can reach using a taxi service or a suburban train.

By train

The arrival of the AVE (high speed train) to Málaga was a jump of quality and an immediate impact in the tourism, because it allows to be communicated with the main points of the country in a few hours. From Madrid it offers the best value for money, because although the travel by car is cheaper, the comfort of the AVE is unrivaled. The Mar´┐Ża Zambrano station (Málaga main train station) is a 10 minute walk from the city center, making it a perfect point of arrival. Tickets are available on the Renfe website. The main routes to Málaga by train are: Madrid - Málaga: 2 h. 20 min. (AVE). Barcelona - Málaga: 6 h. (AVE).

By bus

Málaga has a wide connection with the main cities (Seville, Granada, Cadiz) of Andalucía and with other important cities like Madrid. The bus station (located in Paseo de los Tilos) is located a few meters from the María Zambrano station and the Vialia shopping center.


The following link shows a list of hotels in city center and close to metro stations and bus stops: City hotels

City Hotels

This table shows a list of possible hotels located in Málaga city. All these hotels except Soho Boutique Las Vegas and Soho Boutique Los Naranjos are located in the city centre very close to metro stations. The organization is currently in contact with these hotels, special fares for conference attendants will be available shortly.

Hotels available in Málaga city

Málaga Alameda Centro (4*)
Direct link reservation here.
Reservation date limit with promo May 11th.
Eurostars Málaga (4*) To obtain the direct promo, use the hotel web site and the promocode ARITH to obtain 10% discount.

Soho Boutique La Equitativa (4*)

Soho Boutique Colón (4*)

Soho Boutique Urban (3*)

Soho Boutique Bahía Málaga (4*)

Soho Boutique Málaga (3*)

Reservation through hotel website Use promocode ARITH2024 to obtain 15% discount.


How to get access to the WiFi connection

1. Search for a WiFi network named "CONGRESOS" and click on it.
2. This will take you to a web site that will ask for your name, phone number and ID/passport number.
3. Type in all this info, taking into account that phone number requires the following format: 00 [country_code] [phone_number].
4. Next you will receive an SMS (to the phone number you provided) with a given "user" and "password".
5. Use this "user" and "password" to connect to "CONGRESOS".