Journal Papers: Last 5 Years
Author: J.M. Herruzo




Genome Sequence Alignment - Design Space Exploration for Optimal Performance and Energy Architectures [doi]
Y.M. Qureshi, J.M. Herruzo, M. Zapater, K. Olcoz, S. Gonzalez-Navarro, O. Plata, D. Atienza
IEEE Transactions on Computers, 70 (12), December 2021, pp. 2218-2233

Enabling Fast and Energy-Efficient FM-index Exact Matching Using Processing-Near-Memory [doi]
J.M. Herruzo, I. Fernandez, S. Gonzalez-Navarro, O. Plata
The Journal of Supercomputing, 77, September 2021, pp. 10226-10251


Accelerating Sequence Alignments Based on FM-Index Using the Intel KNL Processor [doi]
J.M. Herruzo, S. Gonzalez-Navarro, P. Ibañez, V. Viñals, J. Alastruey, O. Plata
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 17 (4), July-August 2020, pp. 1093-1104


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